Monday, March 7, 2011

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Walgreens.

Last week, each and every one of the members of my family (myself included) was hit with a pretty severe flu of the stomach variety. This made it very easy to decide what products to purchase with my Walgreen's gift card: New toothbrushes (and oral care products)for everyone!

We shop at our local Walgreens a couple of times each week. Usually, to buy a pack of gum, or to make a photo CD. I had never purchased Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness brand product before this review. Which is weird because I'm all about value and savings. And oh, the value and savings this brand has to offer!

It's going to be really hard for me not to geek out about how much I saved buying the Walgreen's brand products. It's taking everything in me to not make a Named Brand -vs- Walgreens Brand savings chart. Complete with Smiley Faces and lots! of! exclamation! points! Instead, I'll just stick to the facts.

A 4-pack of brushes, that were comparable to Colgate brand, cost me $3.49. A 2-pack of brushes of Colgate brushes was $5.99. Boom! Savings! And let me tell you, the brushes are great! I purchased the "soft" because I have sensitive teeth (i.e. I'm old.) They weren't too soft- the bristles were firm and so very full. This is no BS, I prefer them over my old toothbrushes and will be using them from now on.

Mouthwash is a staple in our house. We normally use Listerine Whitening pre-rinse as well as Listerine mouthwash. Walgreen's Whitening Pre-Rinse and Mouth Rinse were comparable in taste and freshness. But the price is what won me over. I paid $2.00 for the 1 liter mouth rinse (TWO! DOLLARS!) which is less than half of what I normally pay for a mouthwash. The Whitening Pre-Rinse was $2.79. Basically, I paid less for both rinses than I normally do for one bottle of mouthwash. How great is that? So great.

I also purchased Walgreens Oral Health toothpaste-- a great value at $1.99, but I don't think I would purchase that particular toothpaste again. The taste was a tad too bitter for my liking. My husband disagrees-- he loved it and said he will use it again.

In addition to value, it is important to me that products I use for my family are of a high quality. That is why I'm impressed with Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness products. I received a great value product without sacrificing quality. (Most of the products contain the same active ingredients as national brands.) Based on my experience with these items, would I recommend you try Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products? Absolutely, yes.

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