Thursday, September 8, 2011

Green Mountain Coffee, Fair Trade and a Chance to Win a Keurig & Green Mountain Coffee K- Cup Portion Packs!

The thing about coffee is that I love it. I have at least one cup every single day. If my husband brews a pot before he leaves for work, then I drink a cup of coffee here. But if he runs out of time, or pours the entire pot into his mug leaving none for me, then I am forced to go out and buy a cup of coffee elsewhere because I do not know how to make a pot of coffee. I mean, I understand all of the mechanics involved. Grinding the beans, putting a filter in, adding water, however, I have yet to make a pot of coffee that tastes right. I get the measurements all wrong every single time, no matter how many times my husband shows me, tells me, makes me watch him make a pot so I "can learn." That is the reason why I jumped at the chance to participate in the Green Mountain Coffee review. A free Keurig (convenient!) and a whole lot of K-Cup Coffees from Green Mountain Coffee to try? Oh, heck yes.

I was provided a case filled with a variety of Green Mountain K-Cup Coffees. I had never tried Green Mountain Coffee, and to be honest, wasn't even aware of the brand. Once we got the Kuerig set up, we each choose a flavor and made ourselves a cup. And then we chose another flavor and a different type and we made another cup and then another. You know what? With the exception of one flavor that was just a little too bitter for my taste, we both absolutely loved the coffee. Even my husband-- who has been addicted to the same brand and has refused to try any other coffee-- loved it and has been drinking it every single morning.

I was impressed by the variety of coffees they have to offer. Flavored, regular, decaf, extra bold, seasonal, Fair Trade & Organic, iced coffees! I have to say, I was also impressed with the company itself. Green Mountain Coffee was one of the first brands to sign on with Fair Trade USA. They now offer the largest selection of selection of Fair Trade coffee in the US. Their coffees are available nationally at most grocery stores and also on their website. (You can also visit their Facebook page, where you can find coupons and free samples!)

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is coffee that is purchased at a higher price than standard coffee, directly from the growers. This purpose behind Fair Trade is to promote healthier working conditions and economic incentive for producers.

How does Fair Trade work?

1. Coffee farmers join a co-op with other local growers
2. Fair Trade USA and/or their certifying partners work with coffee cooperatives to certify them as
Fair Trade after they meet a stringent set of requirements, including democratic voting among
members, fair labor practices, and the exclusion of using certain chemicals.
3. Growers are guaranteed a minimum price for their coffee. If market prices exceed the minimum,
they receive current market prices plus a per pound premium for community development and
an additional premium for organic coffee.
4. The co-op members vote to determine how to invest the Fair Trade premiums. They might fund
community projects such as schools, health clinics, safe drinking water or new roads.

I personally am willing to pay a bit more for Fair Trade coffee (but happy to say with Green Mountain Coffee, I don't have to), knowing that Fair Trade is helping to create a better working environment for farmers which in turn creates a higher quality product. Everyone wins! (Especially my mouth because... mmm, good coffee!)

Now that you know a little bit more about Green Mountain Coffee and their Fair Trade practices, I get to tell you something pretty awesome. BlogHer and Green Mountain Coffee are offering one of my readers a chance to win a Keurig as well as a bunch of delicious Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups.

Here's how you can win. Visit the Green Mountain Coffee website and check out the incredibly delicious varieties of coffees (and K-Cups.) Come back here and tell me which one you'd love to try. Or, if you're already a Green Mountain Coffee drinker, tell me which is your favorite. You will then be entered to win! Sweepstakes will run from September 8th through September 24th. SUPER IMPORTANT-- You must include a valid email WITHIN your comment!

Go visit BlogHer's Promotions and Prizes section for more chances to win!

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