Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holidays at Disneyland

Earlier this month our family was invited to attend Disneyland. I decided to do things a little different here: I asked my daughter to share her experience in her own words. Before I post what she had to say, I just want to say that Disneyland during the Holidays is truly magical. The decorations, the music, the parade, the fireworks-- it's all so wonderful and perfect. My family had an incredible day and we are truly grateful to Disneyland for making it such an amazing experience. (The fast pass to It's a Small World was THE BEST THING EVER.) Thank you, Disneyland!

My Day at Disneyland- by Gabby

Last weekend I went to Disneyland. It was fun! Because I went on a rollercoaster. I closed my eyes on the matterhorn because I was afraid of the abominable snowman. I just didn't like that part because it was too scary for me. I got to see the parade. It was very fun because I got to see some of my favorite characters. My favorite part of the parade was when Mickey and Minnie were ice skating together. I loved the music in the parade because it was pretty.

I loved the Toy Story ride because you got to shoot at things and there were different levels. It was really fun to go on the rides that I was tall enough for-- like space mountain and matterhorn and thunder mountain.

My favorite ride was It's a Small World because it was a kid ride. I love the difference from the regular Small World to the Christmas small world. The Christmas small world is fun because it is very Christmasy. I liked Woody and Jesse. Christmas it's a small world is beautiful.

I also went on the Terror of Terror. I liked the video that they showed before the ride because it explained the ride and because it showed how the elevator got struck by lightening. The ride was so tickly on my tummy. I wasn't scared at all and I was kind of mad that my mom put her arm on my legs because I couldn't feel the ride that much and next time I don't want my mommy to hold me on that ride. I like when it kept on going up and down.

My day of Disneyland was so fun because I got to see everything that I wanted to see and when I made a wish, my wish came true. I love Disneyland. Thank you Disneyland for a great day for me and my family!

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Somethig magical about Christmas (at Disneyland)

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